CheeseBalls in Annecy

Rietmann visited Pierre Gay’s Fromagerie in Annecy, France. We brought our Cheese Ball Mix No.108 and spent the whole morning creating delicious variations of Cheese Balls & Waffles. A dream for all true cheese lovers.

Easy Dark No.101

This is how fast and easy it is to prepare our dark premix, made of wheat-& rye flour. Whether you prefer it as a classical loaf or a bite-sized appetizer, our Easy Dark No.101 always tastes great and can be refined according to your taste with seeds or other ingredients (up to 20% extra).

No-Sugar Cream & Pancakes

Our No-Sugar Cream is available in Vanilla, Raspberry-Vanilla, Chocolate-Nuts and Chocolate flavors. It can be used as a breakfast spread, pancake topping or just as a yummy dessert!

Best of LowCarb Idea

For our new 24/7 LowCarb brand we brought in one of the best! Together with 3-star chef Klaus Erfort we created lots of easy to make and delicious low carb recipes!

Protein Burger Bun

Want to know how it looks like inside of our Testing-Bakery? Here’s a little glimpse behind the scenes while we were baking our Protein & LowCarb Burger Buns.

LowCarb Müslibar

Our Low Carb Muesli Bar has 80% less carbs than a traditional Muesli Bar. It is prepared in less than 10 minutes and with 25,8% protein and 34,2% fibers it’s a delicious and easy to make power package.