Burger Mexican Style: Burger Patty aus Rinderhack und roten Bohnen, dazu Chilisauce und Guacamole

Of well-known provenance

Our low-carb burger is a logically and carefully thought out further development of the original high protein bread for supper. During the past few years this product has influenced the baked goods market like no other.
With a carbohydrate content of 5.9 % and a protein content of 25.9 % it is nowadays regarded as the epitome of low-carb bread. It is now impossible to imagine the bakery shelves of this world without it.

Our low-carb burger – with a difference!

Despite the popularity of the burger, fans of low-carb nutrition and people watching their waistlines often shrink back from the bun – but it is exactly this bun which traditionally makes the burger a burger.

Our low-carb burger is different! It is high in protein and incredibly low in carbohydrates and is thus keeping with the times. What’s more, it provides an extremely delicious top and bottom with its fluffy texture and the slightly nutty flavour inside, similar to wholewheat toast, thereby making it the ideal accompaniment for all types of burgers.