With our brand “Rietmann Culinaria” we can offer best premixes at top prices. Directly from the manufacturer to your bakery, restaurant or hotel.
Browse through our ever-increasing selection of sweet and savoury baking mixes and premixes. You will certainly find what you are looking for!


Savoury Products

Easy Dark

Artikel-Nr.: 1101101

Easy White

Artikel-Nr.: 1101102

Culinaria Cheeseballs

Artikel-Nr.: 1102108

Culinaria Langos

Artikel-Nr.: 1102109

Sweet Products

Culinaria Cheesecake

Artikel-Nr.: 1103205

Culinaria Double Chocolate

Artikel-Nr.: 1103208

Culinaria Waffel Mix

Artikel-Nr.: 1103206

Culinaria Muffin

Artikel-Nr.: 1103213

Culinaria Dream Cream

Artikel-Nr.: 1201306

Culinaria Milkshake

Artikel-Nr.: 1401510