Thinking out of the box

Along the years, the Rietmann bakery created several very special products. One of them: Original Protein Bread, a protein bread, set trends and it’s hard to imagine a bread shelf without it today.
Five years ago, a high protein and low carb bread was introduced onto the German and European market. The demand for this brand new product has now spread like wildfire. In Germany and throughout Europe, the bread has popped up in many outlets from small-scale bakeries, to large grocery store chains and is now a staple on the bread market. The company, Theodor Rietmann GmbH, a specialist in easy-to-use baking mixes, was the very first to launch this new kind of bread onto the market.

The number one selling High Protein Bread

Theodor Rietmann holds the position as the pioneer for this product. The bread, named Original Protein Bread, is a low carb bread with reduced carbohydrates (only 5.9%) and higher protein content (26.5%). The bread looks and tastes similar to a normal wholegrain bread but offers huge benefits to people looking for low carbohydrate, high protein products. The bread represents a great choice for consumers to make over conventional breads, fitting perfectly in light or alternative menus with the added bonus that it stays fresh for up to six days. Theodor Rietmann offers the bread as a baking mix that only requires the addition of water and yeast.

Setting attention to market-needs and customer alignment

Theodor Rietmann’s Original Protein Bread meets the needs of today`s consumers who are becoming increasingly conscious of what they eat. It is a perfect bread for individuals who want to watch their figure, ideal for diabetics or people who are simply looking for ways to live a healthy lifestyle.
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