A bun as it stands in beech but without gluten. This light variation scores with a pleasant mild taste, the seed topping provides a refined finish. And everything that the gluten-free heart desires can be placed between the lid and the base.



Open your mouth, take a hearty bite and enjoy the taste without any concerns. Our dark bun variety has character. Slightly grainy with a fluffy consistency and the taste of good wholegrain bread. This burger is a classic yet it is completely gluten free. Coeliacs will be delighted!



Baking with love, but without gluten: this is made possible by our delicious gluten-free baking mixes. Just like our brownies, our gluten-free sponge cake has a great taste and keeps well. The baking mix is easy to use with perfect results every time.



Delicious baked goods, even for those suffering from coeliac disease with a sweet tooth. We offer this American classic as a gluten-free option. The stand-out features of our gluten-free brownies are taste and the fact that they stay fresh for longer. The baking mix is easy to use with perfect results every time.



An absolute must in the range of gluten-free products: the deliciously crispy pizza base from RIETMANN. It starts with a starch-based pizza flour, naturally without gluten. This way, the classic dish can remain a classic even if a change in diet is required, and forgoing such pleasures becomes a thing of the past.



Breakfast without rolls? A salad without a piece of baguette? Manufactured in compliance with the strict production standards of the AOECS, our baking mixes promise care-free indulgence, even when it comes to the smaller favourite items in this bread culture. Easy to make and in the customary manner, rich flavours and pure enjoyment awaits for you. Uncompromisingly good!



Light bread is among the essential baked goods in our everyday lives. Those who are intolerant or sensitive to gluten will appreciate this well-made alternative. Whether as toast, sandwich or a slice of bread in the mornings – mild, pleasant, light and gluten-free enjoyment.



This seeded bread is ideal for those who prefer a grainier and heartier loaf. The addition of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame ensures it is not lacking in taste, and consumers can be absolutely certain that they are purchasing an outstanding product, marked with the symbol of the crossed-out ear of wheat.

When is food permitted to be marked as gluten free?

Food containing a maximum of 20 milligrams of gluten per kilogram may be labelled as gluten free. This threshold value is binding across the European Union. As a rule, gluten-free foodstuffs are marked with the symbol of the crossed-out ear of wheat. This label is awarded by the German Coeliac Society. Although no audits or certifications are carried out, the standards are stipulated by the AOECS Standard (AOECS = Association of European Coeliac Societies). Incidentally, gluten is virtually the only allergen which is regulated by law.