Live better

What was initially a trend in sports nutrition, has now also conquered our every day eating habits: high protein, less carbohydrates. For a fast protein kick in the morning, a balanced carbohydrate-protein mix at lunch time or for the less carbohydrate-more protein option in the evening – with its innovative high protein baked goods, RIETMANN ensures conscious delight all day long.

Protein Bread & Rolls

After the market introduction of the Original Protein Bread exceeded all expectations, it was only a matter of time for more products to follow. Low-carb followers had to give up eating many popular classics in bread culture for a long time. The principle, which was found for the Original Protein Bread is the basis for continuously extending the range of similar products. The Original Protein Evening Roll is one of them. With 29% protein and only 5% carbohydrates, it promises a full taste, whether it is for breakfast or a snack in between.

Protein Pasta

Low-Carb Pasta is also an indispensable product for everyone following a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. With 75% less carbohydrates than conventional to noodles made from 100% semolina our Protein Pasta offers a delicious alternative. As a side dish or a main course – the protein noodles offer an excellent taste and are prepared quickly. They are also well suited for diabetics.

Protein Cracker

As a snack or a tasty option for dips – cracker belong to the little pleasures in our daily life and are welcomed at every party. Our Protein Cracker promise delight without regret and are very easy to prepare. With the “Spray & Bake-Mix”, Rietmann breaks new grounds in the production of crackers. A complex dough preparation and processing is not necessary anymore. Simply scatter the Spray & Bake Cracker mix, sprinkle it with water, bake, done!
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