Carefree eating

For people with celiac disease, an inherent and permanent incompatibility to gluten, a gluten-free nutrition increases their quality of life substantially. The products we present here are produced strictly according to the AOECS standards, which qualifies them to carry the symbol of the crossed out ear. For the love of bread and the lust for snacks, also for celiacs.
Available as premixes for bakeries or pre-packed for selling directly to consumers.


A piece of indispensable baked goods culture in the blink of an eye! These breads are, based on various starches, absolutely free of gluten. Apart from the baking proces, blending and filling the loaf pan are the only work steps. Die baking mixes are available in „light“ and „grainy“ and the result does not only look like a proper bread, it even tastes like one.

Rolls & Baguette

Breakfast without rolls? A salad without a piece of baguette? Our glutenfree baking mixes are produced strictly according to AOECS requirements and promise care-free consumption. Easy to produce just like you are used to, you can expect rich flavour and full indulgence. Good without compromise.


A must-have in the range of gluten-free products: the tasty and crunchy pizza crust from RIETMANN. The basis is a pizza flour basedonn starches, of course without gluten. This way, this classic can remain one even if a change of diet is required.

Pound cake & Brownies

Pastry for celiacs with a sweet tooth. Our glutenfree cakes and brownies are characterized by their excellent taste and a superior freshness. The baking mixes are easy to process, the result is absolutely safe. Baking with love, but without gluten.
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