Premium is standard

Our product range comprises all classic articles in the section of baking mixes and concentrates, which are currently about 800 products. Just as many as we have raw materials in stock. On the production line, we are able to pack trading units ranging from 0.8 to 800 kilograms. Moreover, we are able to handle individual productions fast, reliably and with much flexibility. This makes Rietmann a reliable partner also in case of emergencies; when a quick solution is needed as problems will be solved quickly and un-bureaucratically.

Premixes & Concentrates

To begin with …

Here they are: Our premixes. Delicacies in form of breads, rolls, hamburgers, pizza, muffins, fine pastries and much more. Are there any wishes left? We will be happy to fulfil them.

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Gluten free


Carefree eating

For people with celiac disease, an inherent and permanent incompatibility to gluten, a gluten-free nutrition increases their quality of life substantially. The products we present here are produced strictly according to the AOECS standards, which qualifies them to carry the symbol of the crossed out ear. For the love of bread and the lust for snacks, also for celiacs.
Available as premixes for bakeries or pre-packed for selling directly to consumers.

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High Protein

Live better

What was initially a trend in sports nutrition, has now also conquered our every day eating habits: high protein, less carbohydrates. With its continuous product developments, Rietmann follows this trend by creating protein-rich innovations in the baking industry.

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