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The best product starts with ideal consulting. All our sales representatives are experienced product developers at the same time. So you can be sure that you talk to an expert from the very beginning. To ensure the success of your customized product development and production, we accompany you with a maximum of technical know how on all levels and at every step of the process.
Starting with our expertise in food law through a modern laboratory to a production according to the latest quality and security standards: We focus on the success of your product: tailor-made – marketable – unique.


The RIETMANN-Guarantee: safe performance, safe quality, safe product!


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Our laboratory analyses flours regarding consistency and adherence of the qualities demanded. Over the years, we have analysed many thousand flour samples which provides us with the respective know how to evaluate your qualities. The classical examinations: wet gluten, falling number, amylograph, farinograph, alveograph, ash content and protein assay.


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Analytical designations support our product development. This includes the analysis of nutritional values, declaration issues as well as the co-operation with partners in the area of micro biology.

Product Development

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Experienced food technologists and master bakers develop your customized products in close co-operation with you and constant quality controls.

Application Technique

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The application techniques result from the challenges of the product development. In consultation with your production team, the products will be modified accordingly.

Quality Management

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A consistent quality management from the receipt of raw materials to delivered mixes guarantees you comprehensive product safety.


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Optimal production plants produce consistent qualities and provide a maximum of flexibility.



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A modern inventory control system secures the traceability right up to every single raw material and goods.


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With our packaging facilities we are able to produce almost every trading unit, size, including paper, polyethylene (PE), aluminium and big bag packing.

Bread Scoring

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In In consultation with your quality management, we organize internal bread tests according to agreed parameters with comprehensive documentation. This way, you receive a neutral evaluation of your quality.


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